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We are pleased to announce the creation of the Blue Star Foundation, Inc. 

Last June, at the Free Spirit Gathering (FSG) in Maryland, several members of the Blue Star Family were discussing how representation at FSG by members of Blue Star has been steadily growing.   Someone mentioned that it would be helpful if there were some way we could organize some kind of scholarship program to help others within the Family attend the gathering, specifically to meet more Blue Star members and benefit from the contacts made there.

Further discussions on what we might do inspired us and by the end of the gathering we resolved to establish a Blue Star Foundation (Foundation).  We consulted with a lawyer who offered advice about the directions and legal status we could achieve.  We revisited our goals and the costs involved and decided on a course of action.  Our ultimate objective is to file the necessary documents to become an official 501(c)(3) organization.  We have incorporated as a not-for-profit, religious corporation in the state of Minnesota and are ready to start moving forward as a membership-based organization.  While we are still in the process of completing the necessary documents to reach 501(c)(3) status it is likely to be completed in the next few months.    

The founders see the Foundation as an organization that manifests the will of its membership.  What exactly that will be is still to be determined. With your help we want to create a vision for the Foundation.  Desires expressed thus far include building a scholarship fund and a relief fund, researching what will be necessary for us to issue legitimate Ministerial credentials, offering education on Wicca, paganism and earth-based spirituality to employers, public officials, police departments, and whoever would benefit from such education.  We also want to have the ability for members to contribute and receive tax benefits (i.e. donation to a charity).  Other uses of our resources may become evident in the future and we hope to be flexible and able to respond to the needs of our diverse membership.  The overriding goal of all these activities would be to facilitate the practice of Blue Star Wicca.  Membership is open to any Dedicant, Neophyte, First Degree Initiate, Second Degree Initiate and Third Degree Initiate within the Blue Star Family. 

Our expectations of members are outlined below. 

  • Attendance, so far as possible, at periodic meetings, usually held via conference call.
  • Respond to ballots via on-line voting.   
  • Participation in on-line discussions leading towards the establishment of a healthy Foundation.
  • Payment of annual membership dues that will pay the expenses and support the charitable activities of the Foundation. The dues are currently set at $10 each year.
  • Actively support the stated goals of the foundation and a willingness to give time and energy towards its success.

On this site, you will find a copy of the Foundation Bylaws.  It outlines the operations of the Foundation.  It is important to emphasize that membership in the Foundation will not confer any additional status within the Blue Star Tradition or its member covens, nor will it affect the autonomy of members, study groups or covens.

We sincerely hope you will join us in this exciting adventure.  If you are interested, the next steps are below.

  • Join the Foundation.  The Membership Application is available here.  After filling it out and submitting it, simply send your $10 dues to this address.
  • Spread the word about the Foundation to your coven and other Blue Star members and encourage them to join.  Feel free to forward this site to anyone in the Family you think would be interested. 
  • Become involved with the visioning process.  Interested members will be meeting via email, conference call and in-person at the 2010 FSG.  The anticipated outcome will be a formal vision statement to be presented to the membership for a vote.
  • Volunteer for other committees and activities. Most of these are still to be determined but we hope you will find something of interest.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Blessed be.

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